Songs that align with the 12 steps of recovery

Songs that align with the 12 steps of recovery

Songs that align with the 12 steps of recoverySongs that align with the 12 steps of recovery



Who We Are

We are members of the Central Ohio recovery community (Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon) who also make music.  These original songs were written to honor the spiritual nature of the 12 Steps  of recovery.   Our lineup includes:

Chris M - piano, lead vocals

Tony J - mandolin, flute, vocals

Eric N - cello

Mike S - drums

TL V - bass guitar, vocals


What We Do

We play the 12 Step Songs at AA and Al Anon meetings or special events (anniversaries, conferences).  Upcoming performances in 2020 include the Miami Valley Midwinter Conference, Founders Day, the Al Anon Ohio Area Conference and the AA Roundup in Cleveland.  

It takes about 45 minutes to perform the 12 songs.  Give the songs a listen.  If you're interested in having us play at a meeting or recovery event, please complete the "Contact Us" form below.


Why We Do It

As grateful members of the recovery community, we play these songs to share the gift of recovery with others.  We never accept payment for a performance and consider this part of the service work we do. 

Recovery has saved our lives and playing these songs reminds us of how fortunate we are to be able to pass along our experience, strength and hope in the form of music.

Give the songs a listen

You can stream the songs via SoundCloud.  Just click below!

Information about our performances


We never charge a fee for a performance.  If traveling out of state, overnight lodging with a recovery friend would be nice.  "Comped" conference registrations are also appreciated!


The songs are intended to be a musical lead.  When performing at conferences, we ask to be scheduled into one of the speaker lead spots.  The right performance environment is critical for making this a spiritual experience for all.


We love to perform as a full band.  However, that's not always possible (especially for those of us who still have kids at home).  The songs still sound great with any combination of our lineup!


If you're within driving distance, we bring everything - sound system, microphones, etc.  We even have an electric generator so we can set up outside!  All you need to do is provide the space and allow us time to set up before playing!


We have CDs and love to make them available.  While we do not charge for CDs, we do accept voluntary contributions to help offset recording and production costs.


We typically bring lyric pamphlets to our performances.  If you'd like an electronic copy of the song lyrics, just drop us a line and request one.

Contact Us

Drop us a line if you're interested in arranging a performance!